“Tremendous Response”

Technology is an important part of our day to day operations both inside and outside of the classrooms. When we recently moved locations and developed issues with our network connectivity/Wi-Fi, getting these problems resolved was a huge priority for us. We were not receiving a response from our then IT provider so we turned to Keith and Azure Horizons to see if they could help.

Their response was “tremendous”, and they were able to quickly diagnose and resolve our connectivity issues. They made us feel like their only client and that getting our network back to normal was a priority. We also appreciate the way that Keith can translate things into “non geek speak” so that we can easily understand and make sound decisions on the best way to proceed.  We look forward to continuing to partner with Azure Horizons for our technology needs!

Pamela Freese, Ph.D. Director of Administration
The Children’s School
Oak Park, IL

“Worry Free IT”

As a Practice Manager for a very busy Chicagoland dental client, I know that in order for the Dente Complete Dentistry team to provide quality, caring, and comprehensive dental care to our patients, we need to have someone always monitoring and maintaining our IT systems. For our clinic, our IT provider of choice is Azure Horizons. Knowing that Keith is always monitoring our systems so we don’t have to worry about it and is committed to being as non-invasive as possible is the single biggest benefit to having Azure Horizons as their IT partner. If hardware or software requires an update, it is always scheduled for a time that does not disrupt the day to day business and patient care

There is also value in the fact that Keith remains aware of industry requirements and if systems need to be upgraded, such as with the upcoming Windows 7 end of life, he begins the upgrade process as soon as possible and schedules upgrades in small batches so that our clinic can not only meet deadlines but spread the costs out over several months.

Zhana Robinson Practice Manager
Dente Complete Dentistry

“I can’t recommend Keith and Azure Horizons highly enough”

With vast experience at technology giant IBM and leading fast-growing non-profits, I know that IT can make or break an organization. That’s why finding the right technology partner was top of my list when I launched Bounce Children’s Foundation in 2015. Selecting Keith and Azure Horizons to recommend and deliver hardware and software solutions, monitor and maintain our technology infrastructure, and be our strategic technology advisor, was an easy choice.

The single biggest benefit that Keith brings to the organization is his industry knowledge and expertise, his passion for client service, and his respect for the life-changing work Bounce does.  He truly is a partner whom I can’t recommend highly enough.  The value he brings to Bounce Children’s Foundation is immeasurable.

Joan M. Steltmann CEO
Bounce Children’s Foundation, Chicago

“Biggest Benefit Is The Responsiveness Of The Azure Horizons Team”

As a doctor and dental practice owner, I know that in order to provide caring, comfortable and comprehensive dental care to our patients, I need an expert to monitor and manage our IT infrastructure. In our case, this happens to be Azure Horizons.

With technology advances within the dental industry, we now have all of our patient data contained within an Electronic Medical Record database. While this means we are officially a ‘paperless office’, it can also spell disaster for us if we are unable to access those records during the business day. The single biggest benefit from having Azure Horizons be our IT partner is how responsive the team is and how quickly they identify and remediate any issues which arise so we can seamlessly continue to provide services to our patients.

Dr. Curt Ringhofer, DDS Owner
Complete Dentistry of Orland Park, Orland Park

No More IT Chaos”

The nonprofit housing sector has many regulatory and compliance standards around client and financial data that we have to meet, or we risk losing our funding. This is where the Azure Horizons team delivers.

Keith and the Azure Horizons team are able to “control the chaos”. Keith quickly addresses any issue and works until it is resolved. The staff know who to contact and have one single point of contact for all of their IT needs.

We also benefit from Keith’s approach of treating each client like they are the only client. They deliver personal, hands on, and responsive support each and every time. No matter how small or large the issue, Keith makes sure that it’s treated with a sense of urgency and resolved with his expertise.

James King Director of Senior Housing
Oak Park Residence Corporation, Oak Park

“Reliable, Diligent and Understanding”

I am confident in their services - Azure Horizons answers my questions in a timely manner, are available to provide information and services as needed, and keep my systems updated regularly.
Azure Horizons is diligent with following up on their services, updates, and new technology. Their continual communication instills confidence in the customer.
Their personal attention is unmatched - I feel like Azure Horizons really understands me, my needs and my organization’s needs and customizes their services accordingly.

Heidi Ruehle-May Executive Director
Unity Temple Restoration Foundation, Oak Park

“Experience You Can Count On”

We have used the services of Azure Horizons for the past 6 years. We have a combination of Windows and MAC machines. The previous IT company would show up then disappear without letting us know they were here. That no longer happens.

We have Azure Horizons come in weekly. They arrive with a plan of action, implement it and then follow up by asking if there is anything more they can do for us.

I am very happy and impressed. Brian figured out in 30 minutes what the Apple Geniuses at the Apple store could not fix in 4 hours.

Rabbi Karyn Kedar Senior Rabbi
Congregation BJBE, Deerfield

“A Real Eye Opener!”

Azure Horizon’s Cyber-Security Seminar was amazing! In 60 minutes, I learned an incredible amount of information through a very detailed presentation. Keith was thorough, covered a lot of material and answered all my questions. For anyone needing to be updated on cyber security, I would strongly recommend calling Keith Carrizosa at Azure Horizons, Inc. to schedule your appointment.

Jodie Tristano Franchisee
Firehouse Subs, Stone Park

“Keith knows Cyber Security”

Keith - your Cyber Security seminar ROCKED. I so much enjoyed it, and I learned so much. You're a terrific presenter. We’re glad we took your advice and protected our PCs. No More Worries about I.T.!

If your business is considering using an outside IT Support Provider to correct then maintain your business IT look no further than Azure Horizons. They will protect your IT assets because like they told me - you can always replace your hardware but it is MUCH harder to recreate your data.

Meredith Morris Owner
Caring Transitions, Forest Park

“Quick Response, Professional, Unmatched Level of Support”

We love working with Azure Horizons. The level of professionalism and quick response time is one reason. Another is their willingness to address a problem expediently and confidently. The Azure Horizons team are a joy to work with. Dealing with IT issues can be very stressful and they take the stress out of it. Keith is very personable and easily approachable. He responds quickly to any needs and works diligently to solve problems. Azure Horizons makes recommendations that are tailored to your company's needs and provides a level of support that one rarely sees with IT firms. I highly recommend Azure Horizons’ Complete Services!

Rachel Ehresman Owner
Ehresman Property Management, Chicago

“You Can’t Go Wrong With Azure Horizons”

Azure Horizons has become our single source to go to with all our networking needs. One phone call or email and they respond. Azure considers us a priority and gets right to fixing any problem or project we may have.

Make sure you trust who you are doing business with - for us, Azure Horizons has earned that trust.

If you’re looking for a Managed Services Provider believe me, you cannot go wrong with Azure Horizons. Give Keith a call.

Hank Hines Owner
Orr and Orr, Bedford Park

One of the most terrifying parts about starting my business was worrying about how I was going to make my computer network work and keep working. From the very beginning, I enlisted the services of Azure Horizons to set it all up and keep it going. I had too many other things to do to also find the time to become an IT expert, and Azure’s professional and prompt service was exactly what I needed. Ever since then, Keith has been ready to help with everything from “Is it plugged in?” to disaster recovery, (Watch those liquids!) Keith has integrity, which is important because I can’t let just anyone be able to access sensitive data. I recommend Azure Horizons to everyone I know who has a computer network. Retaining the professional services of Azure Horizons has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made for my business.

Anna Bass President
Anna Bass, CPA

I was totally perplexed. All of a sudden, my Outlook didn’t open. Spent about five hours trying to figure out the issues through the ‘help’ button…. Nothing helped. I gave Azure Horizons a call, and without hesitation, he helped me through a few steps that allowed him to have remote access to my computer! He diligently worked at this problem, going through all the "hidden files" that I had no idea even existed. His patience, knowledge of Windows, Outlook and every other software involved, was a God-send. I couldn’t have managed without him.

Jo T. L. President
The Senior Site

We were interested in understanding our system better and you have taken the time to explain how our system works and documented it for us so we have a better understanding of our environment. We really appreciate how responsive you always are. You seem to care about us and you have always responded when we were down to help us get back up and running quickly.

We appreciate that you are local and you stop in to see how we are doing when you have the chance and are in the area. You have also been very willing to help us out with coordinating various systems that are integrated with our IT needs.

Julie O'Shea Finance Manager
First United Church of Oak Park

Keith Carrizosa and Azure Horizons have been managing the technology needs of my business for about 10 years. I am the owner of a law firm and am dependant on having computers that function at a high level, and back up documents and data properly. I have found Azure Horizons to be extremely responsive to our needs, comprehensive with their resources and service, as well as affordable. They keep my business up to date and running smoothly from a technology standpoint. Whether it is a one man firm or a multi dimensional corporation, I believe Azure Horizons has the resources and knowledge to keep you ahead of the game.

Susan S. Principal
Law Offices of Susan D. Smith

“I Never Worry About Losing My Data Again!”

Keith, I can't thank you enough for recommending that I install the HP MediaSmart server for my business. I never truly realized its value until my PC was rendered unusable by a malicious virus. I was upset for a moment until I realized that my server had a complete backup of my PC from the previous evening. I was able to completely restore my computer and be up a running in less than an hour. Thanks again for your advice. I'll never worry about losing my data again!

Ronald C. Krause President
RK Financial Group, LLC

We began using the services of Azure Horizons almost 3 years ago. Once they began they corrected lingering issues such as out of disk space and problems with our e-mails. They surprised us at how efficiently they can correct our problems. Most times all we need to do is call them and watch in amazement as they take over our computer, correct the problem and get us back in business.

They are always helpful and always available when we need them.

Melissa Winn Manager
Mills Park Tower

For my business, Azure Horizons has been a lifesaver. Knowing that I have the kind of knowledgeable, responsive support they provide, allows me to focus on serving my own clients, assured that my service to them continues uninterrupted and free from technical errors or downtime. Keith is a critical part of my overall success and I have gained further client satisfaction through referring them to him for their own technical needs. As a home-based business, Keith is respectful of my limited office space and has been a valued partner in helping me maintain an efficient, affordable information system to manage my business needs and meet the needs of my clients.

Kathryn McKee President
Business Development for the Arts

We decided to update our computers and operating system to Windows 7. We also included Office 2007 with the purchase. Our programmer needed help with setting up the network to allow workstations to access the old data; and with placing it on the new computer we use for our server.

Azure Horizons was referred to us by our programmer. They came over, set-up the computer and copied the data from the old server to the new server. They ensured I had access to the data on the server. Several weeks later we somehow lost our connection to the server. Azure Horizons was able to fix our problem and get us up and running again.

In both instances, Azure Horizons responded promptly. They were fair in their pricing and accurate in quoting the costs beforehand. It was such a pleasure doing business with them and, when needed for future clients, they would be my first choice for installing and managing my systems.

June Rodgers President
Thelma E. June Rodgers, LLC

I used the services of Azure Horizons prior to moving to a new position at a different company.
After several months of being ignored by the previous IT Company I again called on the services of Azure Horizons. Our goal was to implement a solution that would benefit OUR company, not the IT Company.
Azure Horizons recommended a specialized server that would include remote access, e-mail services, and secure VPN services and would grow along with the new company. After a year or so we were approached with a new version of support that would monitor and maintain our network for a fixed monthly cost. No more surprises for us. Now we pay a flat monthly rate that allows us to control costs while still maintaining excellent IT Support services both on site and remotely. We don’t worry about IT anymore; we worry about filling our office spaces now.

Gina K Vice President
Butterfield Properties

Thank you for your help in obtaining the new server and computers. We didn’t think we could afford your services and the hardware and software all at once, but showing us how we could finance it all, including your services through Microsoft Financing was an opportunity to get everything we wanted and more.

Sam F. President
Farina Land Co.

We engaged Azure Horizons in January, 2008. At that time we used a different IT Company every year. That is until we engaged Azure Horizons. From the very beginning they began documenting our network, performing previously missed updates, ensured our Antivirus and SPAM filters were updated and current. Towards the end of that first year they asked us when the new IT company would want to meet with them in order to effect a smooth transfer of information. We did not switch. They have become an integral part of our business, advising us of technologies that save us time and money while keeping our network running smoothly.
Since engaging Azure Horizons as our IT Support provider we have had minimal downtime. We thought we were hiring an IT company to keep us going. It turns out we hired a company that provides more than just IT Support services. While on a recent 10 day trip thunderstorms hit one of our remote locations. Azure Horizons took control and worked with our ISP to get our Internet services back up; but they did not stop there. Our phone system went out too and Azure Horizons tried contacting our phone system vendor. After several failed attempts to reach them they brought in their phone vendor to provide us with a temporary phone switch. It gives me peace of mind and a sense of security knowing that they treat my network as if they owned it, caring for it and improving it while doing this at a cost of a part time employee.

Beth S. Human Resources Director
Oak Park Residence Corp.

We first asked Keith to look at our desktop computer at home. It was slow and had difficulty connecting to the Internet. By the time he was done with it he had removed viruses and spyware that were causing our computer to not only be slow but that also caused it to quit connecting to the Internet. He also advised us to add RAM so we did. The difference in boot up speed in connecting to the Internet was eye opening.

B. J. Plant